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Saturday, 12 PM - Facebook LIVE Training

Jon Benson Is Teaching Exactly How To Write $1 Million Sales Videos - His Entire Formula...

Saturday @ 12:00 PM (ET)



Get ready for an AMAZING training with JON BENSON starting soon. We're going to talk about some amazing strategies that he's invented for creating MILLION DOLLAR copywriting...


He's actually known to be THE one who invented the Video Sales Letter. He's written more million dollar sales copy than anyone I know.


And, he and I are going LIVE soon - 12 PM EST (Saturday) in our Facebook Group for Free - hanging out and answering your questions!


Step #1: Make sure you're a member of our Facebook Group: Silent Seller (Click here and apply to join the group)


Step #2Please pull up this post. CLICK "GOING" on the post so I know you're coming...


Step #3: On Saturday, 12 PM EST - Just log-in to the Facebook Group and you'll see the Jon Benson LIVE session there. You'll have to pull up the Group and just hit refresh on the group until the LIVE feed shows up!


ALSO - Amazing Training on Wednesday Night - SAVE SEAT...

Watch This Artificial Intelligence WRITE Copy In-Front of Your Eyes...


This training will be with Jon Benson as well - This is different than what we're doing on Saturday. This is specficifcally going to be a DEMO on how a SOFTWARE can literally write any copy you want, on the flip - right in-front of your eyes...


Automated writing of ALL of the following...


  • Emails
  • Optin Pages
  • Written Sales Letters
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Webinars...
  • and so much more...


Wednesday, 8 PM EST - Make sure you're there LIVE. You can save your seat here....


Wednessdy - Watch an AUTOMATED Software Write Copy Instantly...


Date: Wednesday - April 22nd

Time: 8 PM EST (New York TIme)



Hopefully you can join in and WATCH as I launch my new business!


Anik Singal

CEO - Lurn, Inc.


Remember - When life pushes you, stand straight, smile and push it the heck back!